Ranked the #1 User Friendly Invoicing App

Smart Invoice emphasizes simplicity. We have combined innovation with simplicty to produce the most unique and friendly user experience that no other competitor offers. After a one-time 3 minute setup, you'll be able to produce and send invoices within seconds; its that easy. Stop piling up unneccesary paperwork and start saving valuable time and resources. Let Smart Invoice handle your responsibilities.

Innovative Design

Browse, track and edit invoices with ease and efficiency. Smart Invoice was inspired by and designed after the popular Gmail app by Google.

Clever Products Menu

Smart Invoice is the only app to offer a unique products menu. Traditional apps require you to input product information upon creating an invoice. We've improved that. Smart Invoice displays a presentable menu with predefined products and services for your clients to select from.

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Businesses are constantly seeking to eliminate cost and time to help their businesses succeed. Eliminating repetitive and unnecessary motions can cause a business to be 300% more efficient leading to increases in revenue.

Smart Invoice allows your business to do so by reducing effort and resources to create an invoice. With a few button clicks, you can create an invoice on your phone or tablet and have it emailed instantly to your client. These invoices can later be easily retrieved to fill out accounting paperwork and end of the year taxes. Work smart, not hard.

  • Create, estimate, bill and email invoices to clients
  • Customize your invoice with your logo
  • Google Cloud Print Invoices and receipts
  • Send messages (SMS) and make calls from within the app


Smart Invoice is the perfect business tool to email an invoice from your Android Phone or Tablet instantly to your customer. Designed for both product and service businesses, smart invoice is simple and fast to use, allowing you to create an invoice to be sent via email to your customer within seconds.

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This is made possible due to our customers feedback. Listening to our customers is what allows us to have a competitive advantage.

We will continue to create innovative and unique mobile apps that bring forth a new vision to app development.

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